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Cleaning Associate
AWM-261-Cleaning Associate
0  USD  - Hourly
1 months

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1051 Michael Ave
North Carolina
United States of America

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Blue-J cleaning Solutions is a growing small office cleaning company in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We are currently seeking cleaning associates and we predominately employ individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Here are some of our job requirements:

-A high school diploma or GED.

-At least eighteen (18) years of age.

-Must be detail oriented.

-Must follow through on commitments

If this sounds like you, then Blue-J Cleaning Solutions implores you to apply for this position. We predominantly employ individuals on the Autism Spectrum so if you meet these requirements and happen to be Autistic, then we would love to hear from you!

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Our purpose is to provide the community with environmentally conscious cleaning services through the use of Eco Friendly products and practices. An additional yet equally important goal is to employ individuals living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, assisting them in leading autonomous and sustainable lives. We predominately employ individuals on the Autistic Spectrum because of their unique attributes and strong work ethic. We also give back to the community through volunteer work and educate the public about Autism Spectrum Disorders.